Checklist Session 1 Tuesday January 6th 2008

Due date Rubrica : 17 de Marzo


I know how to easily access the Spanish 5 Wikispace
My name is on the navigation bar on the left of the Wiki Page
I have chosen what work is going to be included
  • PWP present
  • Word Documents
  • Essays
  • Articles
  • Pictures
  • assignments
  • Audio
  • Videos
  • Other:

I have decided on a Layout (what my page is going to look like). It is organised and clear.
I have created at least 5 links (external or internal)
Fuente Imagen ****
If I have chosen to add a video, II am responsible of the appropriateness of the content.
I have corrected and modified any work I have had marked by my teacher _
I have written somewhere on the Wikispace an introductory note on myself
I have written a caption about each of the pieces of work I have included in my wiki space.
I have listed all the references/sources/addresses I have used (if any) in order to complete my work.
I know where to find assignments/tasks/ links/ semester content/ websites on the wikispace.
I can add, suggest changes and contribute to this page but I need to consult the rest of my classmates first and my teacher.

I know how to “hand in” my homework, tasks and assignments on my space on time.
I will regularly contribute to my space with classwork, notes, articles new web addresses,assgnments, homework…..
I promise to enjoy this great opportunity that has been given to me and do my very best to reflect my work in Spanish at CAC.

Once all these points have been completed and understood, you must hand in a signed copy.

Teachers approval: